We use our vehicles on paved and unpaved roads, which explains why we need very good tyres to withstand all conditions. G-Stone truck tyres meet our performance requirements.

Alex Ross,

Honestly, I didn’t expect, that retreaded tires will be clinging to the road so good)) especially in my case of driving. Thanks for recommending. Everything has fully satisfied. Going to buy!

Cavin Queen,

Good tires. Not long ago I found out that tires can have second life, it was that time to change tires on my truck. I have already drived over 2.000 km, tires are like new. I’m glad and recommend retreading.

Mr. Laurence ,

We are primarily active in road construction, which is why we need to use our trucks daily on uneven terrain. We have chosen G-Stone tyres because they offer incredible service and warranty

John Green ,